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!IMPORTANT! "I Still Get Demented" Halted

Production of "I Still Get Demented" has been suspended until my outstanding bills get paid.

To help me pay my bills and to resume production, please donate cash using the donations buttons above today!

Why You Should Donate to ISGD

Hiring a Radio Show Producer?

or asking the person to play some music for you.

What You Think You're Paying For

Someone to play some music for you.

What You Are Actually Paying For

Someone to play some music for you.


Equipment such as computer, hard drives, microphone and compact disc players among other hardware.

Songs and albums purchased.

Hours of planning for each production of an episode.

Show prep material.

Rehearsing back announcing of the previous sets of songs played.

Searching for songs in the library to feature as part of a given subject.

Reviewing each song for content purposes.

Transportation to obtain equipment.

Gasoline to power the transportation.

The amount of money spent on television sets and radio units studying the art of audio and visual comedy through production of programs.

The costs spent on going to learning institutions to study radio production.

Website and Internet Service Provider costs.

The amount of time spent learning the craft of the work involved in radio production.

The percentage of income that goes to paying income taxes.

Not to mention...

The cash payment also has to cover the costs of living expenses such as housing, food, utility bills, insurance (such as health, life, dental, automobile, etc), and clothing.

Still think that having someone to play some music for you for free is a fair price?

You wouldn't expect a plumber, carpenter, hairdresser, doctor, dentist, optician, electrician, chef, mechanic, dressmaker or shop owner to work for free, would you?

Here's how to pay to help with the costs of keeping I Still Get Demented going.

Please donate at this link.


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